Joe Crowhurst
Customer Review
Simply put, AutoDoc is outstanding. The experience my son and I had with their staff is excellent from the first call to picking up the car...which happened in less than 4 hours. The person answering the phone listen and said "we will do everything we can to help", which is absolute truth. From the phone call at 12:01PM to 2:44PM when I received the text from my son picking up the car, that is exactly what the whole AutoDoc team did. In that 163 minute span of time, they got the needed part (starter) for my sons 2005 Highlander (offered two reasonable part options of reman and new) and replaced the starter along with a recommended/replaced air filter plus a loose hose clamp all for less than $450. In real time the team only took just over 2 hours because the car had to be towed and that took 30 mins. I cannot say enough about this team. My son and I are very grateful for their prompt, honest, service and incredible price. They AutoDoc team took all the hassle out of what could have been a real drawn out ordeal. Thank you AutoDoc folks. When you all say on your web site "We always put our best foot forward" you are absolutely telling the truth!


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